About Buy Us properties


Buy US Properties is a platform that allows people buy and sell rental properties in the USA via registered agents and processes.

The Vision:
IBILE LLC aims to be the most successful real estate development form of Nigerian decent in the United States of America, offering her customers authentic opportunities to own real estate in American States while earning returns in foreign currency on an annual basis. A company with highest level of integrity and a track record of satisfied customers.

The Mission:
IBILE LLC aims to provide our customers and stakeholders with exemplary service through credible middle income real estate investments in the USA as well as access to guaranteed annual returns in foreign currency.

Core Values:
• Integrity and trust
• Flexibility and solutions oriented
• Family and future security
• Innovation

The Management Team:
• Engineer Femi Oginni – Managing Director/CEO

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Service

Two options, you can either buy one of our existing property that most likely has a tenant and start earning as soon as transfer of ownership is complete or you select from an array of possible properties that are yet to be purchase and wait through the entire process of purchase, renovation and tenant placement before you start earning from it.

There are several apps that you can plug in the address of a property and it will give you details of the property including the area. Also part of the job the law firm will be doing is to verify property and all proper documentation in the US here.

There is an option of flexible payment. Money will be domiciled with the law firm and will only be released to us when complete and it is at that point we can do a transfer of ownership. Once you make a substantial down payment, a lien would be placed on the property such that we can’t sell to another person until you default. If you default, there would be charges and if you decide to back out, your money would be returned but admin charges would be deducted.

IBILE LLC has been operating in the US for 3 years and has been involved in several real estate projects and transactions in Maryland and Washington DC. They have concluded over 30 family units within that period.

IBILE LLC INVESTMENT COMPANY is a global real estate investment company that offers you international earnings on your real estate investment in the United States. Our processes are verifiable and transparent to secure your confidence and participation at all points. Our goal is to secure properties for you in the UNited States for ownership and rental income within a quality community.

Furthermore, we leverage the collective expertise and know-how of our team of professionals (acquired prior to joining us and also while working on some of our projects) to deliver exceptional projects within the limits of time, budget and never compromising on quality.
One of our strongest points is the unique approach we employ in maximizing a site’s potential through critical and detailed “highest and best use analysis” to determine the potential value of a residential.

Our success rates in this area meant that landowners and investors can rely on us to deliver best-in-class solutions that guarantee a mutually inclusive best case return on investment (ROI)..