Many countries in the world are unsettled due to a variety of economic, political or pandemic related issues leading to rapid inflation and devalued local currencies.

We at BuyUsProperties .are presently offering Real Estate properties within affordable price range of $60k -$80k first in Maryland U.S.A. for our international clients.

What we offer is for any of our Property Investors to be able to achieve steady monthly forex rental income that is far higher in financial value to comparative real estate investments in their local communities.


Our international buyer’s expectation on signing of legal contract and complete payment of all fees within a maximum period of Six (6 ) months will be entitlement to receive related property titles.

Our work is to provide real estate properties at such interesting price range while also managing the property to the best interest (legal, Insurance & tax) of our international clients.

Our real estate management contract is a binding mandate towards achieving monthly seamless rental income which will be paid to our clients account.

We also manage said property towards achieving increasing real estate value comparable to other properties within the environment


Property ownership is not sufficient to entitle a person to reside in the United States and does not create a pathway to citizenship except pursuant to a specific program such as the EB-5 program.

We do not offer to assist with U.S.A mortgage finance for international purchasers due to its complexities. There could be additional documentation requirements to prove creditworthiness and confirm international assets. Currency conversion issues can impact transaction timing due to requirements of the U.S. banking system or the home country (or both).


After a prospective client completes all legal procedures with our affiliated Attorneys who have requisite experience and practicing in the two geographical locations (U.S.A. and Nigeria) , a one off payment or initial down payment with staggered monthly payments larger down payment are acceptable.

All payments are made through our Attorneys who represent Sellers and Purchasers.

Contracts are closed on confirmation of receipt of payment by Purchaser

However in a situation whereby a prospective client is unable to fulfill the financial requirements to complete a contract. A repayment plan will be initiated that will commence with entrant of a new client for same property.


We sell only completed apartment units , condominium and single family homes to foreign investors, while working with our international Attorneys who have requisite experience to represent our foreign purchaser in buying available real estate properties in U.S.A .

Towards achieving a seamless transaction , our international Attorneys will explain what the expectations of the parties to the transaction will be, and listen to every prospective client’s expectations. They have experience to walk any of our clients through the legal steps necessary to consummate a successful transaction leading to issuance/Insurance of Property Title .

As permitted by law, our affiliated Attorney will guide in the process of company registration where buyer/spouse or representatives will form Board of Director of such Company. Our Attorneys will assist any of our prospective client to acquire a United States taxpayer identification number necessary to close a satisfactory legal transaction.

Please note that a foreign purchaser have legal right to own and occupy their property but may not earn income for the duration of stay. The purchased property is mostly for rental generation while holding appreciating ownership value.

our process

Our guaranteed ROI process flow that gives you a net 13% per annum.


Signify interest by sending an expression via our CONTACT US button or email.


We open and register a company ( fully owned by you) in the USA ( cost $500).


We will thereafter search for and purchase an ideal property(ies) for you with the formed LLC.


After purchase of property, you will execute a Power of Attorney allowing us to manage the property on your behalf.


We take over management and remit agreed amount into your designated account and at the agreed frequency.


Right now you can invest $80,000 and you get a guaranteed $10,000 net yearly, as simple as that.

PURCHASE real estate properties in the USA and Earn Income from them.

benefits of working with Buy Us properties

BUY US Properties has the most accurate availability and high standard real estate asset. We will offer you top deals, best values and true cost of your next apartment, housing, office or interior decoration.


Purchase and own income producing properties in the USA

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You could pay in Naira yet earn in Dollars $, enjoying the current exchange rate.


Get a guaranteed net 13% per annum ROI from your property.

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Safe and insured investment with hassle free process for you.